Neuroplex-C Project Neuroplex-C Project

A multi-institutional, multi-national collaboration
in Neuro-Cardiology

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There will be more - ASAP - but things are just getting started and way-understaffed at the moment

For now, please review these documents and contact us directly for discussion and more information.

Thank you.

Lecture-Presentation @ Meharry Medical College (February 2022)
Technical and Project Introduction to NpC and PHEBR

Collected set of notes, summaries, graphics (early January 2022)

Integration of NpC diagnostics and therapeutics with public, social, economic healthcare practices
Psychosocioeconomics and Healthcare - the PSD of NpC + PHEBR + OASIS

Older Materials

Brief introduction (same as on website front page)

Brief graphical overview

A few related abstracts/summaries and a large initial bibliography

About the bioinformatics aspect of the project and with relevance to other aspects of population health equity (PHE) - this is significant in this project and throughout medicine and public health

About the VESID project and points in relation to neurology, cardiology, autoimmunity, and COVID (including PASC - "Long COVID")

Regarding pandemic disease progressions and future expectations

About the Population Health Equity Bioinformatics Resource (databank), with points regarding minority healthcare issues and also environmental change and new challenges from PASC ("Long COVID") affecting ANCES type conditions (autonomic disorders and contributory neuronal stressors)

Table of Contents from a technical and systemic overview of Topological Biomolecular Dynamics - theoretical and biological foundations of the basic NeuroCardio model within NPC and pertaining also to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

The aforementioned technical and systemic overview.

Overview of NpC (Neuroplex-C) and Topological Biomolecular Dynamics

There are and will be more documents for distribution. At this point in the project we ask that you contact us please.

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