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A multi-institutional, multi-national collaboration
in Neuro-Cardiology

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Please Support This Project - Please ---
We Really Do Need Your Assistance

We need support in a number of ways, and none of this should be a surprise to anyone reading this.

1. Financial, certainly, because some of us working on this need some operating funds, and we need to hire a few assistants, and even internship and apprentice programs cost money. Anyone working in medicine or any of the sciences surely understands this.

Furthermore, many people who have well-established positions in research and clinical areas still want to see that "the Project" has a substantial cash box and funding stream, even if they are themselves funded and not requiring major salary support to be part-time collaborators and co-authors in Neuroplex-C.

2. Visibility and Connectivity within the established world of certain institutions where, as we all know, if in our present era, it is unfortunately very much about "who you know" and not "what you know or have done already".

3. Collaborative anbd hnads-on Assistance with every aspect of this Project right now, especially:

  • The PHEBR - the database and its computational engine. We are hopeful to be getting some NIH funding in the next "several months" but we need to get more done Now, not to simply wait.

  • The work with disseminaing the PHEBR into the broader and indeed global healthcare community for its use and this means among providers, care-gvers and the general public

  • The computational modeling of the "knot and tangle" wave dynamics - the analytics and simulations - and the visualization of the same. This needs to migrate to being able to run in BOINC network computing or perhaps more appropriately on the SUMMIT supercomputing machine at ORNL, or in resources at NTNU, JHU, Karlinksa, Xi'an, Beijing, perhaps.

  • Writing and editing for both papers to be submitted for publication and for grant applications to q number of US and EU and other European agencies and foundations. Mainly we need help in the editing and the basic communications with these organizations.

  • Co-authors are wanted right now for This Paper which is really at the heart and center of this Project and also brings in important issues concerning infectious diseases and inflammation, such as, particularly, COVID-19 and "Long COVID".

  • Board members (fiduciary Directors and also Advisors) who will seriously make the effort and take the steps to Communicate and Interact with people who, to put it simply, would rather be talking to a Board member than to a "grunt scientist"... )))

Thank you very much.
Dr. Dudziak

We do not use Paypal and other solicitation mechanisms. You and we do not need to increase the profits for those organizations.

We are real, valid, honest, and you can get tons of references. Any support you provide - whether financial, intellectual, social or some combination thereof - is something where you can see exactly how it is being used and for what purposes.

Moreover, and most importantly, we believe that if someone will support us financially, then there should be at least some basic interaction, some dialog. You are not just some "entity" that is a source of money, and we are not just some "entity", either. All of us are Real Live People. So, let's Communicate!

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